Google adsense terms for approval

Hi to My All blog Readers i m admin of this blog today The Article is about on The Google Adsense Terms For Approval.In this short but well explained article i am show the some condition's and terms for getting approval of ad-sense account in 2018, According to Ad-sense policy.

Google Ad-sense terms for approval

Every Blogger and Website owner is want to get the Ad-sense for making the money via his blog or site But 100's of Blogger are not know How to Approve Ad-sense. This Article is Specially those blogger who want to earn with ad-sense.And this content is complete your queries About approval.And In which i m also discuss with you all the terms and conditions for ad-sense.And touch the answer the question of peoples what are the term of google Ad-Sense account for a blog and website.

Google Adsense terms for approval

In the approval process of ad-sense account 100/90 blogger are fail and Drop the blogging field.Now we Are going to Talk on terms on Google Ad-Sense.

Terms And Conditions of Google Ad-sense 
According to google ad-sense policies in which google says us apply for google publisher account when your site is Complete And Index into google properly and verify the Search Console, For Recognizance of your site into google.And also your site is complete the policies of Ad-sense.
It the terms And Condition Included Points are

  • 5 Pages Are Must in your blog (About us)(Contact Us)(Privacy Policy)(Sitemap)(Disclaimers).We are Discuss these pages one by one here.
  • 15 to 20 fifteen to twenty Unique Original No Copied post content.
  • Submit your site into search console.
  • Submit site map into webmaster tool.
  • Basic on SEO of website for applying.
  • Using Ad-sense friendly theme with professional look.
Discuss All Point's 1 by 1
Now here i m provide detail's for approving Ad-sense one by one for clear your concept about Google Ad-sense terms for approval
1.Five 5 Must Page's 
Yes in the terms for approving site you have 5 must page according to google.
  • About us Page
In Abut Us Page we need to telling about our website and about our self For Example I have a Technology related website So in my about us page write about my site topics and define my self in about us section.
  • Contact Us Page
Simply in contact us page we are sharing the Only Contact information in which we are giving the our website Email Like,And Also make the contact form in this page.Basically in this page we provide our visitor to contact option for reliability in the form of giving us suggestion's.
  • Sitemap 
In site map page we are make site map and index it on google webmaster tool and its all links paste on our sitemap page this page indicate's the site link that are include in its all posts.
  • Privacy Policy Page
In Privacy policy page we are provide info about all privacy terms of about our site, In which we are define the rules terms and condition's of our website also describe the Collection of info that we are gain from user.
  • Disclaimers Page
In disclaimer's page we are describe the info about our content like we say our content is written by admin its content is not copied from any website its unique content and in which we also say's do not copied our article if any one use our content we are Doing Action According to Copy rights.

2.Write Original Posts
In the Ad-sense approval policy we need to write 15 to 20  unique well readability post's article without copying any site.And in which we need to make our articles seo Search Engine Optimize.

3.Submit website into webmaster
In the third point we need to submit our new blog or website submit into google webmaster Tool/Google search console.And verify its owner ship with using the verification code putting in our html section of website.

4.Sitemap Submission
In 4th point ad-sense says your website must be submit sitemap in search sole of google for indexing and ranking of our website.the submission of site map give help to our site crawl proper in google search engine and rank gradually day by day as spending of Time.

5.Basic SEO Of Website
Before Applying of Ad-sense we need to do Basic On Page SEO search Engine Optimization of our blog or site.In which includes Points are:
  • Custom Page not Found 404 Page Not found we need to add this.
  • Add Meta Tags and enable Meta description of our Blog.
  • Fix Setting's Of Custom robots header tags.
  • Add the Custom Robots .txt file in your blog/website.
  • And Improve the search preference's of our website. 
Apply these all point's before applying the ad-sense account approval.

6.Ad-sense friendly template
In the sixth last pint of this article we need to fix the best simple look SEO ready And Ad-sense friendly template for our website or blog from its user impression build on your site and site looks make decent from using the simple nice look template your site google approved easily and understand you blog like user friendly.

From this tips applying you will getting easily you Fully Approved Ad-Sense Account.

This content is written by the admin of this blog Pak Tech Tips And Tricks,
About the Google Ad-sense Terms For Approval.I hope this article is help full for you if this is really helped you share this with your friends on social media And give us your feedback in comment section,Because your suggestion are very important to us.

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