Write SEO Friendly Blogger Post

How To Write SEO Friendly Blogger Post

Hi To My All blog readers I am Admin of this Website And today Our Article Topic is About the Write SEO Friendly Blogger Post. In This Content i Am Provide you to All the Information About SEO friendly Article.And Also I am trying to Clearing the your Mindset Concept's About (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Friendly Keywords.
Write SEO Friendly Blogger post

In this Detailed easy Wording Well Explained content I m Share with you My All Experience's Of SEO Writing Content in Blogger Post, And tell to you how to do it in your Blogger post and get Rank your Blog Post easily in Google and Other Search Engines,Like Ask, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Without Wasting the Time go to our Main Article Topic About Writing the SEO Content in your Blog.

Peoples Ask Question's About SEO

Many Peoples Are Asking from Me About The ranking Of their Website Business Sites And blog.All the Questions Are listed Bellow.  
  • How to Get More traffic on our Blog?
  • How to Grow Their Website in Search Engines?
  • How to Get rank their Blog's in Google First page?
  • I make Unique Content But my Site Get Not rank in search Engine Why?
And More Question's Are Asking in my Social Platforms Pages, Groups And on my You tube Channel.
So All the Question's Answers i Give In Simple And Effective Words Its only Depend On your Content Because In SEO field Language The Content is King of your Site Blog.You need to Focus on your Site Every time You need to make batter your Article Writing your Whole Meta Data and many More, So in this All the Content i am Discussing with How to Write SEO Friendly Website Content.

Write SEO Friendly Blogger Post

Today In the World Of Modern Internet Technologies A grate number of Blogger are Found in Every country And they do blogging Regularly And rank their Sites and Blogs, So this is the big Difficult Reason In The rank of your site post in google searches.And in the world of internet many ways to get rank your blog post easily.
So Let We Start The discussion How to write SEO friendly Article.In the writing optimized content of blog many factors are important That we use During Write time of website post's.All the factors are listed bellow.
  1. Use The right Keyword.
  2. Use SEO optimized Image.
  3. Use Proper headings.
  4. Use internal Linking.
  5. Using labels/tags.
  6. Set Proper Permalink.
  7. Write Search Description of blog post.
These Are the Seven 7 Important factors In the writing SEO optimized post.Now Here i am Discuss all the factor's one by one here and i will try you can Understand My words.
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  • Use Right Keyword for your blogger post
In the factor number one we need to Using the Correct Keyword For the each Blogger post Every Day Every time in Every post.In which you need to select the Trending But long Tail KW Keyword for rank Because in the Long Tail Keyword the Competition Is Very Low And most of blogger are not try in Long tail KW For rank Because in This Search rate is low Compare than the Short Keywords.This Long Tail keyword We Are using in the Title section.

  • Use Image in the Post
In the 2nd factor we need to using the Best And Article Content related Topic Picture And use the normal size of image also using the alt tags in the properties according to topic and provide the proper caption about the image according to the website post article.
  • Use Proper Heading in Article
In the third factor we discuss about the heading use how to use heading in the blogger post.First Of All i am telling you to In the blogger interface we are providing the H1 to H3 heading option But basically In the Other Blogging Interface's we are providing the H1 to H7 heading tags.But in the Blogger we are Use to make the SEO optimize article H1 Use the Biggest Size of heading It use in the top of article For Show the main topic.After use this H1 we use the H2 Heading Maximum 3 to 4 times in one article Because Google robots Crawling the H2 Heading from your post So i suggest you must Add An Keyword about your content in the H2.If we are use this heading 5 to 10 times google understand's Like spamming And Not Crawl your Article.After Using this need to use the H3 heading tags as your need For make batter the Presentation the Article view.
How to Write SEO friendly Blogger post
  • Using Internal linking
In the using Internal linking means use those all the link is some of your new blog pots Like in my article All the links of my different posts related to the Niche of Topic.In which i am suggest you Do not use the many links maximum link using in one article is 5 five.If you use more Google Includes All the links in Spamming And Give no rank.
  • Use Labels in Blogger posting
In this factor I will suggest you to Always Use the Labels Of your blog post Because for the indication And make batter the Response of blog visitor of your Website.Use always the 2 to 4 labels for each post in blogger Label section Relevant your Article Niche.
  •  Setting the Proper Permalink Of post
In the Setting Factor of permalink We need to Set the custom Permalink in blogger Because By Default option Of blogger Select the Limited Permalink of your Post title, But many Time's we need to use custom Permalink Option For Crawling the Complete title of post in link.Its Knows As the SEO Optimized URL.
  • Write Search Description 
This is the last factor of the SEO Optimization of blogger post.In which We are Provide the Search Description of blog post.It Gives Help you to provide the search rank of your post in Search Engine In Which we are Using the keywords according to our blog niche and topic.
 If you Are Applying this Methods on your Blog post your are 100% guaranteed rank and Get searches your Post in Search Engines And Get more Traffic And Rank Gradually.

This Content is written by The Admin of this blog About the Write SEO Friendly Blogger Post.I am fully home this Content is Helpful for you,If its really helpful for you So give your Suggestions And feed back In Comment box And share this Article with your Friends in Social Media Platforms.


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